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Clifton Bradeley Biography

Profession: Specialist Musculoskeletal Podiatrist
Clifton Bradeley is a practitioner with thirty-five years clinical experience in musculoskeletal clinical biomechanics. He has carried out more than 20,000 patient assessments and developed a number of clinical techniques and instrumentation as a HCPC registered practitioner.

As an ex-international athlete for England and Great Britain, Clifton held the British indoor mile record of 3.57.88 min/sec. (England V USA in March 1985). In so doing this Clifton become the first GB athlete to run Sub-4 minutes for the mile on an English indoor track cementing his place in history along with the likes of Roger Bannister (the first man ever to run a sub-4 minute mile in 1954). Clifton has won several innovation awards for developing techniques and instruments used in clinical biomechanics. This includes a Digital Pelvic
Inclinometer (DPI) used to quantify pelvic twist (torsion) in the diagnosis of lower-
back pain.

Clifton is currently study for his PhD (part-time) at Keele University investigating pelvic adaptation to limb-length discrepancy. Clifton continues his passion for clinical biomechanics working full-time at his specialist centre, Sub-4 Clinic, and travels the world as a speaker helping others become great practitioners. He looks after a number of high-end clients including a number of professional sports people and entrepreneurs.

Clifton Bradeley Biography

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