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A very interesting case this week of Ledderhose disease that is the foot equivalent of Dupuytren’s Contracture of the hand.

O/e: Ledderhose disease is a type of plantar fibromatosis characterized by the growth of varied size hard nodules on the soles of the feet. It can be a real nuisance for the suffer because of plantar pain and discomfort that needs accommodative cushioned insoles as it advances. It can affect both feet and is progresses in nature, but not all cases suffer discomfort. In sever cases the sufferer can only wear larger volume cushioned midsole shoes. Interestingly it is usually not accompanied by Dupuytren’s, but can be concurrent.

R/x: My role here is to offer advice regarding footwear and to help reduce the plantar discomfort. To this end I used an impression box to capture the plantigrade pressure from the plantar fibromatosis. In the Sub-4 lad we will manufacture dual density EVA accommodative orthoses to redistribution the pressure as best we can.

Psychosocial input: My role here is to provide a clear explanation of the disease informing my client that it isn’t a continually progressive condition and that with careful consideration to footwear and insoles he can go about normal ADL’s. I have encouraged him to stay as active as he can giving the condition because I feel that the positive benefits of mild exercise can help him cope with the down-side.